15 Jobs That Will Disappear In The Next 20 Years Due To Artificial Intelligence

15 jobs will disappear next 20 years due ai

I know that for some the future is incredibly exciting filled with new technologies and new opportunities, but for some the future doesn’t look as bright and we want to raise some concerns with you guys!

So, this will greatly impact the way you plan for the future as the environment is changing!

In this video alux.com walks us through just some of the jobs that will radically change in the upcoming decade and the years to follow.

If you’re currently working in either of these industries it might be a smart call to look for alternatives,

With that said, here are 15 Jobs that will probably disappear or be automated in the next 10 to 20 years!

  1. Drivers
  2. Farmers
  3. Printers and Publishers
  4. Cashiers
  5. Travel Agents
  6. Manufacturing workers
  7. Dispatchers
  8. Fast Food Workers
  9. Waiting tables and Bartending
  10. Bank Tellers
  11. Military Pilots and soldiers
  12. Fast-Food workers
  13. Telemarketers
  14. Accountants & Tax preparers
  15. Stock Traders

WATCH VIDEO and FIND OUT WHY; Don’t say we didn’t warn you!